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Campbell Mcauley Hot Rollers Review

Campbell Mcauley Hot Rollers Review

Finding the right way to curl your hair is very difficult. Different styling devices now offer various benefits. For example, curling irons are great if you like having tighter curls that hang lower. On the other hand, hot rollers are perfect for adding volume to your hairdo.

But hot rollers come in all shapes and sizes. Despite the concept of them being the same as when they were first invented, the technology that powers them has advanced significantly, meaning that there are now thousands of models available to pick between.

Campbell Mcauley Hot Rollers - Ionic, Instant Heat, For Short and Long Hair

When choosing the best hot rollers for your preferred hairstyles, you have to think about the length of your hair, how thick or thin it is, and of course the type of hairstyle you want to achieve with your rollers.

You must also keep your budget in mind as some hot rollers are much more expensive than others. If you have particularly long hair, choosing the best hot rollers becomes even more difficult as you need to be sure that your styling tool is going to give you long-lasting curls.

If you have long hair and want a set of hot rollers that will leave you with long-lasting volume and bodacious curls, we recommend you check out the Campbell Mcauley Ionic Hot Rollers.

About The Product

Campbell Mcauley has really stepped up the game with this set of hot rollers, specifically designed to suit both long and short hair. If you’re the type of person that doesn’t have hours to get your hair ready everyday then look no further, this is the model for you.

These hot rollers heat up in a matter of minutes meaning that you don’t have to plan your hairstyles days in advance. And, thanks to the color changing sensors, you’ll know exactly when they’re ready to get started with.

Aside from being the perfect size of one inch in diameter, these Campbell Mcauley Ionic Hot Rollers come with cool touch ends so you don’t have to worry about burning yourself when you put them in your hair.

Getting started is easier than ever thanks to the touch of just one button, and the device has a temperature indicator. Best of all, all the hot rollers have top quality teeth to keep your hair in the right position while it sets properly.

The set comes with 12 rollers, and matching butterfly clips as well as a heating base and a fabric travel case, allowing you to take your new best friend with you to all your favorite events and holidays.

If you’ve never used hot rollers before, worry not! The Campbell Mcauley Ionic Hot Rollers come with a quick start guide, an owner’s manual, as well as a style guide to get you started. You’ll also benefit from an amazing blow dry primer to help you avoid any beginner’s frizz.

One of the best parts about using this set of hot rollers is that they’ve been tried and tested by professional hairdressers and are therefore known for providing long-lasting curls and waves in a variety of styles while also minimizing tangling thanks to the high-quality teeth they come with.

The rollers help generate hydrating negative ions, offering your hair moisture and shine while also reducing the chances of heat damage to your hair that is normally found with other styling devices.

What We Like

Based on a mound of positive reviews found on Amazon, customers seem to love the Campbell Mcauley Ionic Hot Rollers. Aside from offering even heat and long-lasting curls, people love the fact that they come with a compact travel case.

Campbell Mcauley Hot Rollers Review

Customers with long hair were particularly impressed with how easy these are to use. And, that’s not to mention the fact that their sheer size allows them to set all their hair in one sitting rather than having to go through the process multiple times.

According to online reviews, the hot rollers heat up very fast, in just a matter of minutes. Reviewers love the fact that each roller has an indicator that changes from red to white when the roller is hot enough to be used.

Last but not least, numerous reviews compliment the long-lasting curls they receive from the Campbell Mcauley Ionic Hot Rollers. In addition to the incredible results they offer, they’re easy to use and stay in your hair while you get other things done around the house.

What We Don’t Like

Despite the fact that the majority of customers left these hot rollers amazing reviews, others were not quite as satisfied with their purchase, saying that they cannot see a huge difference between the Campbell Mcauley Ionic Hot Rollers and other cheaper models.

Not only this, there have been a few reports of some of the rollers stopping working within just a couple of months. Aside from this, some customers were not impressed with the quality of the clips with which they come, describing them as flimsy.

While these reviews are worth keeping in mind, Campbell Mcauley has put its money where its mouth is and offered all customers a limited warranty of 60 days, meaning that the company is confident you’ll find this product more than suitable for your hair styling needs.

Buying Advice

If you think that the Campbell Mcauley Ionic Hot Rollers are the ones for you, then we recommend you head over to Amazon. By doing so, you’ll be able to choose between the set of long and short rollers.

Campbell Mcauley Hot Rollers - Ionic, Instant Heat, For Short and Long Hair

Both of these are priced differently, with the long rollers costing little over $43 and the short ones coming it at just under $34. Plus, you’ll get free shipping straight to your doorstep and you can pay for an additional 2 or 3 years of protection for just under $4 and just under $5 respectively.

Final Verdict

If you’re sick and tired of using your curling irons for hours just to get a slight wave in your hair, then we can’t recommend the Campbell Mcauley Ionic Hot Rollers enough. Aside from being easy to use, they’re also great for all types of hair and very reasonably priced.